sber site

Sberbank of Russia - a modern universal bank, which meets the needs of different groups of customers in a wide range of banking services. The largest bank in Russia and the CIS, whose assets make up a quarter of the banking system, and the share in the banking capital is 30%. The objective was to make a new bank site simple, easy and intuitive for users. In the initial phase of the project were conducted, aimed at studying the actual user preferences, as well as the use of technological capabilities and structuring updated content site. Based on the results of these studies and in accordance with the task produced a special conceptual approach that combine the design of the site navigation controls, familiar to users of the mobile Internet and the electronic payment and point of sale. This "terminal" principle was developed in the next stages of the project.

As a result, the new site Sberbank looks modern and high-tech, with it is convenient and pleasant to work, it has become more functional and user-friendly. The site now allows customers online to solve operational problems, such as calculating the best value of any loans, profitability of different types of deposits, etc. 


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