Sberbank annual Report 2010

Sberbank of Russia — the modern universal bank satisfying requirements of various groups of clients in a wide range of banking services. The largest bank of the Russian Federation and the CIS, which assets make a quarter of a banking system of the country, and the share in a banking capital is at the level of 30%.

In 2011 the Sberbank celebrates anniversary — 170 years from the date of the basis. It is necessary to develop the concept of registration of the annual report, transferring feeling of a big holiday, general happiness and a unification.

Anniversary is a holiday. And a holiday it always happiness — happiness and pleasure for those people who work in Sberbank. According to this concept the anniversary annual report of Sberbank is devoted to the people working in Sberbank, and also with what attention the Bank treats dreams, hobbies and interests of the employees, to their simple human pleasures.


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