PET CALENDAR With Kitten 2010

Calendars with cats have always been extremely popular in the vast area of our country. Housewives loved to hang them in their cozy kitchens, groceryshop assistants - on the shelves and a mechanic - on the walls of his beloved garage. In general, having a calendar at home was considered as a good and useful thing. Our goal was to inspirit this fine tradition of naive cozy home calendars and: 1) to demonstrate the creative and design abilities of "Design Depot", and 2) to cheer our partners, customers and friends with a real " pussycat calendar ".

The plot consists of 6 pictures, the stories of the catlife. Every page is made of two calendar pages: the first printed and partly carved image, and the second page as the backround highlighting the graphic content of the first page.

Reaction of the calendar was the most enthusiastic. I had to print additional copies as people requested more calendars to their relatives and friends.

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