sberbank Annual Report 2011

Sberbank of Russia - a modern universal bank, suitable for needs of all kind of customers in a wide range of banking services. The largest bank in Russia and in the CIS countries whose assets make up a quarter of the whole banking system in the country, and the share in a banking capital is 30%. The task of studio Design Depot was to reflect 170 years of the successful development of Sberank in the light of Russian history as well as to show the year 2011 as an anniversary year for the Sberbank, the constant striving forward and its role in the economic development of the country.

The basis of the annual report was the concept of continuous  development and improvement in the way for future achievements. "170 years, it's only the beginning " is the main communication message of the report.

Theme of the report - the inextricable link with the history of the bank's history of the country - clearly disclosed on shmutstitulah report. This 18 turns, each of which tells about the important events that have occurred in the Savings Bank, and in the country for ten years. Each turn is divided into two parts and resembles an encyclopedia. At each shmutstitule present report drawn specifically for illustration, in the technique of the time. On some turns you can see the coin, if you print that was used by foiling the latest technology, so that they look like a real and visual form another plan.

Cover of the annual report is made in a very unusual technique. It is a mirror surface with the effect of color spraying, which is placed on top of typographical composition of the key financial indicators.

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