m.video annual report

"M. Video" - one of the leading Russian retail chains selling electronics and appliances, the first and only public company in its segment. The report should be as clearly reflect the key performance indicators for the reporting period. In this report should look fairly simple and business, showing that the money is spent economically and shareholders optimalno.Otchet entitled "Just clear Enabled." Special emphasis is made ​​in the design of the key indicators, the so-called «Highlights», brought out to the top of the report and form a separate unit infografichesky.

Indicators such as "profit growth", "increase in retail space," "the number of new stores opened," etc. presented in the form of simple "unprofessional" pictures, as if made ​​by a blue ballpoint pen on sheets of lined paper. In the same style all decorated graphs and charts. Key phrases and concepts outlined in the text as underlined or pen.

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