Sberbank annual Report 2009

To reflect the scale and an inclusiveness of Sberbank of the Russian Federation we decided to approach a subject of the nature and its elements. Each section of the report corresponds with one of the following elements: Water, Fire, Sky, Mountains, plant and animal Life, Space.

To develop this subject we came to the concept, the embodiment which has difficult, but clear and multilevel structure based on paralelism.

1 . On turns шмуцов, opening report sections, couples of photos illustrating these or those elements are placed. These couples of photos correspond with each other by the double principle: 1) by the size — "Small — Big", 2) on sense — "Private — the General".

2 . Pages of a turn are divided by a transparent insert from flexible plastic. On this insert large figures — the various unexpected and impressive facts the part from which belongs to these elements, and other part — to activity of Sberbank of the Russian Federation are placed.

3 . Besides, each section is preceded by a short epigraph — the quote or an aphorism of the known author which contains the message which is at the same time opening an essence undressed and thus corresponding to the elements presented on a turn.

4 . The report consists of two separate books, each of which has the subtitle: 1) The annual report — "The success nature", 2) the Financial report — "The nature of figures".

The design of the report is sustained in modern firm stylistics of Sberbank of the Russian Federation — pseudo-volume schedules and charts, green color scale, etc. Besides plastic inserts we also applied also other processing methods: selective varnishing, cover with revealing valves, a figured sawn-off shotgun of pages. Besides, both parts of the report are packed into a special case with transparent walls to which end faces rope handles and a fleshkarta-charm with the PDF-version of the report written down on it are attached.

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